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Steps of the Application Process 

The general steps that are followed for the application process for both existing and new programs are as follows:

  • Submission of a Letter of Intent to determine program eligibility.
  • If deemed eligible to apply, completion of a self-study.
  • Submission of an application.
  • Submission of the application fee and Applicant Agreement.
  • Assignment of the RC’s program-specific reviewers (two site visitors and two paper reviewers).
  • Scheduling and arrangements for the on-site review.
  • Completion of the on-site review.
  • Completion of a preliminary written report by the review team.
  • Solicitation of the program’s fact-checking response to preliminary report.
  • Completion of the paper reviews.
  • The RC meeting, review, and decision.
  • Summary report of RC’s evaluation and final decision written and sent to program.
  • The RC decision is made available to the general public.
  • Monitoring of program through annual and interim reports.
  • The above review steps, except for the Letter of Intent, are repeated at each accreditation stage for new programs.
  • Self-study and renewal application are due near the end of the ten-year accreditation cycle for Accredited, Full, programs.

Other Application Information