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Financial Support

PCSAS’s annual operating budget of approximately $250,000 is modest when compared to other accreditation agencies. Still, adequately funding an accreditation system is a challenge. Our basic expenses are personnel (one staff member – a part time Executive Director); costs of part-time consultants; costs for Board of Directors’ and Review Committee meetings (typically one face-to-face meeting per year); the cost of site visits to applicant programs; travel to make presentations about PCSAS at different venues; and the basic overhead costs of operation. PCSAS is also assisted by many volunteers who provide their valuable time and expertise, including members of the Board of Directors and the Review Committee.

The Founders’ Circle represented a “pay forward” approach to building a financial foundation for PCSAS.

Individual donors who share the values and goals of PCSAS have also contributed to the financial support of PCSAS

Financial support from institutions and individuals is critical to PCSAS’s future success.