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Review Committee

Applications for PCSAS accreditation are reviewed and evaluated by a Review Committee (RC), a standing committee of at least nine members defined in the PCSAS by-laws. Its members are appointed by the Board to serve staggered, three-year, renewable terms. RC members are chosen on the basis of their scientific qualifications, areas of expertise and educational, professional, and administrative credentials. Board members are eligible to serve on the RC. The goal in selecting individual RC members is to create a composite committee that is representative of the cutting edge in psychological clinical science, with the collective breadth and expertise to evaluate the quality of applicants’ doctoral education and training programs.

With the Board of Directors’ approval, the RC may use ad hoc reviewers. The role of ad hoc reviewers is advisory. They may be invited to attend and speak at review meetings or portions thereof, or may participate by phone or other electronic means, but they are non-voting participants. The Executive Director also attends RC meetings as a non-voting participant, serving as the RC’s executive secretary, organizing all RC activities, and handling all correspondence with applicant programs and other relevant parties. Reviewer assignments are handled by the RC chair.

Current Review Committee members, with affiliations and terms, are as follows:

  • Teresa A. Treat, University of Iowa (2023-26), Review Committee Chair
  • Sherryl Goodman, Emory University (2023-26)
  • DeMond Grant, Oklahoma State University (2021-24)
  • Daniel N. Klein, Stony Brook University (2023-2026)
  • Jason S. Moser, Michigan State University (2023-2026)
  • Thomas Rodebaugh, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (2022-25)
  • José Soto, Pennsylvania State University (2022-25)
  • Edelyn Verona, University of South Florida (2023-26)
  • Elizabeth Yeater, University of New Mexico (2022-25)