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How Can I Get Involved with PCSAS?

If you’re a current or aspiring graduate student and are interested in getting involved with PCSAS, there are several exciting opportunities:

Become a PCSAS Representative: Join our team as a PCSAS representative, where you can actively contribute to the organization’s mission and initiatives, and network with other burgeoning psychologists. Talk to your DCT to find out more about becoming a PCSAS representative for your institution!

Newsletter Contributions: Get hands-on experience by participating in our dynamic student-run newsletter. Published three to four times a year, our newsletter is created, edited, and produced by a dedicated team of over 40 student representatives, guided by two passionate PCSAS clinical scientists like yourself. This is your chance to showcase your writing skills and share valuable insights within the PCSAS community. We also have numerous newsletter positions that provide students with experience in peer reviewing, proofreading, and managing social media. Join us in making a meaningful impact by contacting us here: pcsasnews@gmail.com