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A Brief History of PCSAS: A Timeline

Envisioning a New Approach to Clinical Psychology Training: In essence, PCSAS was created in reaction to an accreditation system developed in the 1940s that many saw as too rigid and too rooted in a bygone time of clinical psychology. The goal was to inject a new system with a modern perspective that, first, took account of the exciting recent developments in psychological science – in clinical science, cognitive science, neuroscience, social science, etc. – and second, encouraged a flexible approach that recognized and helped advance training practices to produce even more innovative developments in psychological science.

The Creation of PCSAS: The birth of PCSAS officially took place at a special meeting on accreditation organized by the Academy’s Executive Committee in January 2006, a decision subsequently ratified by Academy members at their annual meeting in May 2006. At the next Academy annual meeting, in May 2007, a formal draft proposal for such a system was presented to members, and in October 2007, the APCS membership voted overwhelmingly in favor of launching the proposed system.

Incorporation of PCSAS and Creation of a Board of Directors: The Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System, Inc. (PCSAS) was incorporated officially in Delaware on December 27, 2007. The PCSAS Board of Directors held its first meeting by phone in February 2008, and met in person in May 2008, at which time the Board elected officers, selected an Executive Director, and established the agenda for the coming year. The first program was accredited in 2009.